Pink Lady

Hey ladies! Been a while I know. RL work is getting me really tired and trust me, I am enjoying the weekend. But I’m here to not disappoint you and I have some awesome new released for you!


The fresh releases here are three of them so I’m going to break them down for you!

My top is coming from Bijou Mainstore, only have mesh body sizes and a HUD comes with it to change regular colors and some Christmas ones too 😉

My jeans are from NS Mainstore also a mesh body sizes only and comes with a HUD with some amazing colors to choose from. I am loving these and you MUST have them.


Here I have a fresh release from Ducknipple and from their hair department. Her name is Sonja and coming with lola, unrigged & rigged options with a HUD to choose color of your hair!


Skin – Wow Skins @ Designer Circle – Scarlett (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Hair – Ducknipple – Sonja (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Tattoo – Chic Creations – Flower Moon Tattoo

Nails – ZOZ  – Bad girl

Mesh head – LAQ – Maxine

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara


Top – Bijou – Passion Chic (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Jeans – NS – Gypsy Bell Bottom Jeans (NEW) – tyvsm ❤


Bracelet – Chic Creations – My wrist of hearts

Everyone wants a bad girl

Admit it, you want that girl you’d never bring home to mama. That girl that would give your mother a heartattack but she is so fine. Or you might want to have that look, in that case. Stay tuned!


So much new stuff. Black Haus is on a roll and is in two event at the moment. My top you can find at Applique with appliers only. The top comes in white, black,  pink, purple & yellow.

My little arm friend is from Black Haus @ Suicide Dollz. It’s a gacha item so you can win all sorts of colors. And they attach bit of everywhere. Mine attach by the arm.

My short are from Bijou mainstore. Coming in different colors & appliers. sexy as hell. All lace. Get over to Bijou and get your favorite color!


Shoes.. shoes. Us ladies we love our shoes don’t we? These boots are from REIGN they are a 3 year anniversary gift. Fullpack. Mesh body sizes only with a HUD to change colors!


My hair is from TRUTH and is a group gift. They have started with group gift for a 265L fee you can be in their VIP group and get free hairs monthly. This hair comes in two version – hair on side and both sides!

Matching this look with skin from Wow Skins @ Designer Circle called Scarlett. She comes with OMEGA and fits LAQ head perfectly. I am wearing Scarlett with my LAQ Maxine.


Skin – Wow Skins @ Designer Circle – Scarlett (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Hair – TRUTH – Deja VIP Nov GG (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Mesh head – LAQ – Maxine 

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara


Jacket – Black Haus – Just Jacket – tyvsm ❤

Top – Black Haus @ Applique – Heather Top (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Shorts – Bijou – Little Sweetheart (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Gloves – Avanti – Lexa Fishnets Gloves

Shoes – REIGN – Anaiya Boots (NEW)


Arm friend – Black Haus @ Suicide Dollz – Evil Clown Gacha (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Kitty Kat!

HAppy humpday sexies! It’s midweek and yesterday was crazy for me but here I am today with a blog post – bunch of exclusives! So pay attention below because a lot of info is coming 😀


Silent Whispers is taking part of a new event called Limited – bunch of stores selling exclusive items for a limited time. This top I am wearing will be sold 200 copies during the duration of Nov 1st – 5th in the Mainstore. Keep an eye on the here to for info about the event!

Also, seen my jeans? Loving these so much today. Been looking for tipped jeans like these and they can be found in LES Fees Endormies in different colors and sizes 😀


Seen my hair? Cute cute cute! You get hair & the kitty ears when you buy it from PELLE @ Designer Circle. so adorbs. It comes in different colors – so go, pick your fav color and BE CUTE!


My nails is the highlight of this picture and this one is group gift from ZOZ! Fee is 50L one fee join and you get so with being in group and wearing the tag while shopping in the Mainstore. These are cute little cats and they come on black & whites with multiple different colors in the HUD’s.


And who doesn’t love cute shoes? These are for Maitreya feet only and comes with sock (not in picture) They are from +Missnoise+ @ Designer Circle.


Skin – Wow Skins – Roberta – tyvsm ❤

Nails – ZOZ – Black Cat (GG) – tyvsm ❤

Hair – PELLE @ Designer Circle – Ely w/ cat ears (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Mesh head-  LAQ – Trinity

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Corset – SilentWhispers – Frilled Corset (NEW; sold Nov 1-5th) -tyvsm ❤

Jeans – LES Fees Endormies – Namia (NEW)

Shoes – +Missnoise+ @ Designer Circle – Vintage Heels (NEW) – tyvsm ❤


Necklace- Chic Creations – Steampunk Necklace metals

Out Camping

I used to go camping a lot as a child with  a trailer you just hook up to back of the car and off you go. Loved every minute of that childhood. So when I was out an about in SL today I saw this perfect spot and decided to use that spot for todays look.


My todays look comes right from Bijou Mainstore – you get the top, bra, jeans & shoes. Along with a texture HUD for the top. Totally loving the top with the bra and the textures for the top is amazing!


Matched the look with my bag from Black Haus – small heart bag coming in different colors and a resize script so you can make it fit perfectly.


My nails is coming from ZOZ at Haus of Swag – opening TODAY. You get these beauts in different shades & you get to choose from tips & no tips. Lovely colors in the HUD for Maitreya, slink & OMEGA! Love love love ❤

Wow Skins @ Designer circle is last day – closing Oct 22nd and you can get Jayma there. I am wearing her in tan on my LAQ – Trinity mesh head. Totally loving this mesh head at the moment!


Skin – Wow Skins @ DS – Jayma (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Nails – ZOZ @ Haus of Swag – Crowned Polish (NEW; opening today) tyvsm ❤

Hair – little bones – Tonic 

Piercing – U.S – Nose piercing (MP GIFT)

Mesh head – LAQ – Trinity

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Outfit – Bijou – Posh (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Inclides; top, bra, jeans & shoes


Bag – Black Haus – Heart Bagpack – tyvsm ❤

Earrings – Zombie Suicide – Splinter

Underworld – Every man for themselves

Humpday girls! As as per usual, want something sexy? I got something specific for those zombie killing bitches!


The Mad Circus starts October 8th and runs for 24 days and here I have an exclusive from Black Haus. This outfit comes with shorts, top & side gun. You can choose between a bloody one and a clean one.


Designer Circle is in full swing  and will run the next 2 weeks and Wow Skins got tis gorgeous lady for sale – Jayma. She can be found in different shades & OMEGA appliers! I’m wearing Jayma with my LAQ mesh head Trinity!


Skin – Wow Skins – Designer Circle – Jayma (NEW) tyvsm ❤

Hair – TRUTH – Austen

Mesh Head – LAQ – Trinity

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Outfit – Black Haus @ The Mad Circus – Juddy (NEW; October 8th) – tyvsm ❤

Shoes – Fawny – Lust Heels Black


Choker – Zombie Suicide – Friendship choker (VIP GG)

My Happy Place

“A happy place can be anywhere you feel the most happy”

It’s another week, a new day. Hope my ladies had an awesome weekend. Spent Sunday to feel sorry for myself but I still have no regrets! But I’m here today to show you  some items from my latest sponsors!


A new round of Designer Circle is on and I have two items from my latest babes: Missnoise & PELLE! My top & skirt can be found from Missnoise and comes in different colors and sizes. My hair is from PELLE and is a top bun hair and will look amazing with every look – also to be found in different colors. All these at current round of Designer Circle.


My gorgeous nails comes from ZOZ – and they are a guest of this round of The Dressing Room! These nails comes in two option color – soft & bright ones. I’m sporting the soft and this golden nail is just to die for.


Skin – Wow Skins – Roberta -tyvsm ❤

Nails – ZOZ @ TDR – Memories Fall (NEW) tyvsm ❤

Eyeshadow – LIVIA – Verda

Hair – PELLE @ Designer Circle – Ellie (NEW) -tyvsm ❤

Piercing – HollyWeird – Moon Ring Septum

Mesh head – LAQ – Trinity

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Top & skirt – Missnoise @ Designer Circle – Milady (NEW) tyvsm ❤

Shoes – REIGN – Daisi Plats


Earrings – Pink Hustler @ Sanarae – pompom earrings (GIFT)

Choker – MIX  @ Sanarae – ribbon choker (GIFT)

Rings – Secret Love – Delicate rosegold

She’s elegant and graceful

” She was known to be elegant and graceful and everyone couldn’t stop looking”

October is closing up and also a very important event known to most of us and we hold it dear – Rock Your Rack. It’s a fashion event where all profits goes to cancer research and this year it holds me a little extra close. Earlier this year in early June my maternal grandmother passed away in cancer and here’s my post to her!


Rock Your Rack begins October 1st and is running til the 16th. Flippant is there with this amazing dress and long necklace. The dress comes in sizes of standard, Belleza, Maitreya & Slink.


Here I am showing a Wow Skins on my brand new LAQ mesh head. She is called Nadine and can be found at Designer Circle til October 2nd.


Skin – Wow Skins @ Designer Circle – Nadine (NEW) tyvsm ❤

Hair – elikatira – Tallulah

Mesh head – LAQ – Trinity (NEW)

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/ hands & feet


Dress – Flippant @ RYR – BCA Mesh Gown (NEW) tyvsm ❤


Short necklace – Flippant Mainstore – Trio of birds – tyvsm ❤

Long Necklace – Flippant @ RYR – BCA Necklace

Rings – Secret Love – Delicate rosegold