Pink Lady

Hey ladies! Been a while I know. RL work is getting me really tired and trust me, I am enjoying the weekend. But I’m here to not disappoint you and I have some awesome new released for you!


The fresh releases here are three of them so I’m going to break them down for you!

My top is coming from Bijou Mainstore, only have mesh body sizes and a HUD comes with it to change regular colors and some Christmas ones too 😉

My jeans are from NS Mainstore also a mesh body sizes only and comes with a HUD with some amazing colors to choose from. I am loving these and you MUST have them.


Here I have a fresh release from Ducknipple and from their hair department. Her name is Sonja and coming with lola, unrigged & rigged options with a HUD to choose color of your hair!


Skin – Wow Skins @ Designer Circle – Scarlett (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Hair – Ducknipple – Sonja (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Tattoo – Chic Creations – Flower Moon Tattoo

Nails – ZOZ  – Bad girl

Mesh head – LAQ – Maxine

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara


Top – Bijou – Passion Chic (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Jeans – NS – Gypsy Bell Bottom Jeans (NEW) – tyvsm ❤


Bracelet – Chic Creations – My wrist of hearts

Autumn Day!

Happy Sunday all! I have been busy out in RL this week. Been exhausted. But I am here today with some awesome fresh releases. We are talking around 4 of them. So sit back and let me show you!


NS is taking part of Sad November running Nov 5th – 26th. This is a hoodie coming with a HUD to choose 3 cozy colors. Shorts also comes with it but it’s not in picture! Mesh body sizes only!

My shoes and pants coming straight form Etchaflesh mainstore. Fresh release. This one only comes in mesh body sizes and a GIANT HUD! You have bunch of colors to choose form with pants & shoes. You can even make the shoes have two different colors. Very fun to play with!

My long braided hair is coming from Ducknipple mainstore. In my previous post we spoke about they have started doing hairs and this is one of them. Coming with hud, unrigged, riggled & lola options.



Wow Skins is with Chapter 4 this new round. Here I have Elle Catwa Applier skins. I wearing her with my Alice mesh head in tan. She got all the skin options for you to choose – with and without eyebrows. This is without eyebrows.


Skins – Wow Skins @ Chapter 4 – Elle Catwa Applier (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Eyes – Wow Skins – Samantha mesh eyes – tyvsm ❤

Eyebrows – L’Etre – Arched

Hair – Ducknipple – Zeurpoet (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Mesh head – Catwa – Alice

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara


Top – NS @ Sad November – Lazy Cozy Hoodie (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Pants & Shoes – Etchaflesh – Stalker Boots – Candie (NEW) – tyvsm ❤


Choker – Chic Creations – Yin & Yang

Headphones – NS – Mesh kitty headphones


Halloween is just around the corner and so many costumes to choose from but if you’re not really bothered like I am then I might have something easy for you!


What is new here? A LOT! Let’s start with my shorts. They are a dollarbie at Bijou, comes with OMEGA appliers and regular avi choice. It’s highwaist.

My hair is from Wasabi Pills and is currently 50% off for limited time at Mainstore – I’ll say get on it NOW! I got the fullpack for only 400L so ladies – if you love it – HURRY!



My little apple I am holding in my hand comes from NS store and is for free for Halloween Hunt Pumpkin.


My sexy platform high thigh boots is coming from Etchaflesh Mainstore and is a new release. Coming only in mesh body sizes and a giant HUD to choose colors of boot, heel, shoebase & chains. Loving these. Feel so sexy!


Can we just take a moment and talk about the new head from LAQ? This is Maxine and she IS GORGEOUS! LAQ have quickly became my favorite when Trinity was released and Maxine is just cute! I have Hope skin from Wow Skins on my face and LAQ got OMEGA built in the head so no installer or relay needed!


Skin – Wow Skins – Hope – tyvsm ❤

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Tsuki (NEW)

Nails – Chic Creations – Halloween Ghosties

Mesh head – LAQ – Maxine (NEW)

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/ hands & feet


Top – Bijou – Lagoona 2.0 – tyvsm ❤

Shorts – Bijou – Little Sweetheart (NEW; dollarbie) – tyvsm ❤

Shoes – Etchaflesh – Cyanide Boots (NEW) – tyvsm ❤


Choker – Yummy – Tresser Choker white

Apple – NS – Monster Apple (NEW; Halloween Hunt Pumpkin) – tyvsm ❤

Kitty Kat!

HAppy humpday sexies! It’s midweek and yesterday was crazy for me but here I am today with a blog post – bunch of exclusives! So pay attention below because a lot of info is coming 😀


Silent Whispers is taking part of a new event called Limited – bunch of stores selling exclusive items for a limited time. This top I am wearing will be sold 200 copies during the duration of Nov 1st – 5th in the Mainstore. Keep an eye on the here to for info about the event!

Also, seen my jeans? Loving these so much today. Been looking for tipped jeans like these and they can be found in LES Fees Endormies in different colors and sizes 😀


Seen my hair? Cute cute cute! You get hair & the kitty ears when you buy it from PELLE @ Designer Circle. so adorbs. It comes in different colors – so go, pick your fav color and BE CUTE!


My nails is the highlight of this picture and this one is group gift from ZOZ! Fee is 50L one fee join and you get so with being in group and wearing the tag while shopping in the Mainstore. These are cute little cats and they come on black & whites with multiple different colors in the HUD’s.


And who doesn’t love cute shoes? These are for Maitreya feet only and comes with sock (not in picture) They are from +Missnoise+ @ Designer Circle.


Skin – Wow Skins – Roberta – tyvsm ❤

Nails – ZOZ – Black Cat (GG) – tyvsm ❤

Hair – PELLE @ Designer Circle – Ely w/ cat ears (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Mesh head-  LAQ – Trinity

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Corset – SilentWhispers – Frilled Corset (NEW; sold Nov 1-5th) -tyvsm ❤

Jeans – LES Fees Endormies – Namia (NEW)

Shoes – +Missnoise+ @ Designer Circle – Vintage Heels (NEW) – tyvsm ❤


Necklace- Chic Creations – Steampunk Necklace metals

Your Temptation

“She walked down the promenade knowing, she was that temptation you been looking for”

HAPPY SATURDAY! OMG! Finally the weekend is here and now it’s the time to shut off. I took an early weekend because update 12 came to Elder Scrolls online, meaning, all Tamriel open to all. But I’m not here to talk nerd with you – I’m here to talk about FASHION!


Coming from Bijou at Pose Lover & friends opening October 14th and closes October 30th. You can find my skirt & top as the exclusive. Loving this one. Top comes with a HUD to change colors of the top!

Sizes; Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physqiue, Venus & Werewolf.

Along with hat & necklace are gifts at this event from Bijou at Pose Lover & friends.


And which outfit isn’t complete without a sexy pair of shoes from REIGN? When you purchase these shoes you can for slink, maitreya & belleza and a HUD to change colors of the shoes & stocking.


Designer showcase is up and here is Wow Skins awesome Catwa applier for this round. She’s called Lilac and she comes in 6 tons.


Skin – Wow Skins @ Designer Showcase – Lilac Catwa Applier (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Eyebrows – L’Etre – Arched Eyebrows

Tattoo – Chic Creations – Starshine (MP only)

Piercing – Zombie Suicide – Orion Septum Piercing (VIP GG)

Hair – little bones – Tonic

Mesh Head – Catwa  – Alice

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Outfit – Bijou @ PL&F – Spicy Temptation (NEW; Oct 14th-30th) – tyvsm ❤

Shoes  – REIGN – Slay Plats


Hat – Bijou @ PL&F – Floppy hat (NEW; Gift) – tyvsm ❤

Necklace – Bijou @ PL&F – Cord Necklace (NEW; GIFT) – tyvsm ❤

Shine Bright Like Starshine

“Shine so bright that you blind others. Force them so see the starshine”

HAPPY THURSDAY! One more til weekend. Whoop whoop. And I have a clubbing outfit you my ladies today. It’s something little more different from you usually see from me but you will love this!


So much new in this picture so we’re going to break it down! My top is from Blueberry and you can find this as a group gift. This won’t fit the standard avi’s, sizes are; Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique & Venus. Top comes in full HUD to change color of the top!


These shoes are so adorable. They can be found in NS store, in the mainstore. In this pack comes shoes with platforms (picture) and none platform with a HUD to change colors. Sizes for these are slink & belleza flat feet!


Let’s start talking about my nails for a moment. Totally loving these from ZOZ. You can these beauty nails at Chapter 4 this round. As usual – two different shades of them with slink, maitreya & omega hud.

My skin though. Wow Skins has outdone herself but she does that every time. I am wearing Lola, she’s a Catwa applier skin and she can be found in Mainstore.


Skin – Wow Skins – Lola Catwa Applier (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Nails – ZOZ @ Chapter 4 – Cascade (NEW) – tyvsm ❤

Hair – little bones – Tonic

Tattoo – Chic Creations – Starshine (mp only)

Mesh head –  Catwa – Alice

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara

Feet – Slink – Flat feet


Top – Blueberry – October Group Gift

Skirt – Blueberry – Roma Ombre Life

Shoes – NS – Sweet Treats Canvas (NEW) – tyvsm ❤


Choker – Chic Creations – Yin & Yang

Earrings –  Chic Creations – Handcuffs

Nails – Secret L0ve – Delicate rosegold

She’s a psycho

“Remember what your mom always told you – don’t dip your d***k into crazy”

Yo ladies! It’s only one more day til the weekend and I got a little somethin somethin for you to wear if you’d like to show your psycho side this weekend instead of something cute and hot. Remember when your ex said you’re crazy!? Well, let’s show him 😉


What do I have here? A new top from Whisper, you can catch this Halloween special top at the mainstore & marketplace. Coming in sizes: Freya, isis, Venus, Hourglass, Physique, Maitreya & Solarian with a texture HUD to change colors of the top.

I am also sporting a brand new spanking release from Chic Creations. This one can be found at marketlace only. My tattoo. Called Starshine, it comes for regular avi with some appliers for slink & maitreya.


TWE12VE runs Sep 12 – 30th and you only got 2 more days of the event and I have a skin from Wow Skins called Sabrina. She’s a Catwa applier skin and I love her. I am showing her of with my Catwa Alice head.


Skin – Wow Skins @ TWE12VE – Sabrina Catwa Applier (NEW) tyvsm ❤

Hair – little bones – Tonic

Tattoo – Chic Creations – Starshine (NEW)

Mesh Head – Catwa – Alice

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Top – Whisper – Zombella Ripped Top (NEW) tyvsm ❤

Skirt – Avanti – Trixy Skirt Black

Shoes – Phedora – Morticia Heels


Necklace – Zombie Suicide – Truth Necklace Gacha