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About my blogging:

I see myself a chameleon. I dress depending how I feel. Yes I do mainly fashion but sometimes even my inner RP and goth comes out to play.

I started to blog cause I was mainly bored, don’t know why I went into fashion. I always LOVED SL shopping so why not show it all off? I started the blogging thing in May 2013 and I been loving every second of it.

Want me to blog for you?:

I NEVER blog stuff that is randomly sent to me from a designer. If you want me to blog your items, have a conversation with me first or I will ignore the request. Since those request takes time away from my obligations and I’m a very easy person to work with and love working with new people 🙂

I work hard on my picture’s, they ALWAYS go into Photoshop before they land on the blog. Sometimes with a few tweeks and sometimes I don’t do anything cause it looks awesome as it is. I choose sims carefully for different outfits so I can catch/match it better.

Flickr: Lamia Huntress Flickr

Page: Miss L Blog and Photo FB Page

Contact: ALWAYS NC me when I’m offline – message’s capped. If I’m online, go ahead and send me a IM 🙂

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