Jack or Jill



Here we got a few items from Jack or Jill Hunt that’s going on right now. So look below 🙂

Some of the items can be Unisex so have a look: Jack or Jill – Male & Female path


Hair – Ploom – Isabel

Lipstick – Pink Acid – Pum Pum Lip Gloss

Hint – Eye make your eyelids pop. Eye Am Blending In On A Wall


Dress – ToXiC HiGh – Mini – Incl glasses

Hint – Pretty in pink nail polish

Shoes – Razor – Onslaught Boots – Unisex

Hint – Looking for some cargo?


Choker – Zombie Suicide – Gold choker

Hint – Things of the past tend to circle back around!!

Bracelet – :::HEYDRA::: – Jax Unisex

Hint –  I cover the light but im outta sight…. look to the sky… Im FAMOUS!


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