Miss L Fashion “Delirium Style” Walking along

So I have a problem, there is an outfit that I can’t simply take off. I change for a sec then I change it back LOL. So I thought, why not show it off with my new amazing  skin!?



Top: “Katinka Blazer – SIN”  Comes with eyeshadow [Delirium Style]

Pants: “Morrigan Spikes – Splat” Color HUD driven [Delirium Style]

Hair: “Splitend – Blacks” [Ploom]

Shoes: “Stainless Studs – Blacks” [Souled Out]

Accessories: “Spikes Ring” Color HUD driven Advent Calender Gift [Delirium Style]

“Twilight Summer Nails” Closing sale, 10L [Rotten Defiance]

“Cross Earrings” 1L on Marketplace [Ghost Industries]

Makeup: “Lips 098” [cStar Limited]

Skin:Zara – Europe 01″ [Glam Affair]


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