Miss L Fashion “Neus Magic Designs, 7 Deadly Skins & ..::P&W::.. Designs” Sexy all around

OH MY GOD! I am so excited about this post I am about to hump my chair, okay okay I’ma keep it clean 😛

I’ve got 1 sexy as hell outfit from NMD @ Fashion Wardrobe. 1 new group gift from 7 Deadly Skins and 2 GORGEOUS cars from ..::P&W::.. Designs. Are we curious and ready as hell? YES WE ARE!!!


Outfit: “Cheely” Incl Shoes & Tango Applier [NMD @ Fashion Wardorbe]

Skin: “December group Gift” Appliers can be bought [7 Deadly Skins]

Snapshot_001-1 Snapshot_004-1

About the cars: 

Rich equiped version. Free Updates. Extreme realistic vehicle – 100% mesh. Exclusive textures and shadows.

Low prim – HQ & Low lag

Both cars comes with a driving HUD – You can put on the lights with it, see your speed. The gesture that comes with is for customize your car

til your own liking so you get the entire experience.

With the gesture you can change –  gas intensity, braking intensity, driving in mouse-look mode, keyboard use, driving permission for everybody,

owner only use, automatic transmission & manual transmission.

You get 2 cars, 1 bigger and 1 smaller. They contain different amount of prims.

Get your car now – ..::P&W::.. Designs


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