Miss L Fashion “Siria’s Fashion Room” Smexy in wasteland!

Oh yes. I’ve got 3 more items for you from Siria’s Fashion Room. 1 dress, 1 hair and 1 tattoo. All 3 is to die for. The dress comes with PhatAzz & Tango Applier.



Outfit comes with dress, shoes & appliers for PahtAzz & Tango. Name: “Dark dress and boots” [NS @ Siria’s Fashion Room]

The hair amazing, half shaved. Name: “Guilty Hair – Platinum” [Pelle @ Siria’s Fashion Room]

The tattoo is placed on my chest and really amazingly done. Name: “07” [Tanycharm tattoo @ Siria’s Fashion Room]

Other credits:

Accessories: “Stempunk headset – female” Catcha machine [Yasum Design]

“Cuffs n chains” Part of a 3-part piercing [!TLB]

“Fever Nails XXL” [[ S H O C K] Factory]

Makeup: “Night lights – eyeshadow” [Dark Midday Designs]

“Lip 098” [cStar Limited]


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