Miss L Fashion “WickedNight – Neerdy Needs” Anarchy is my prize.

It’s Saturday everyone, weekend is finally here. So I’ve got some awesome news for you. A few weeks ago I entered a Flickr Contest at WickedNight – Neerdy Needs page. I came 3rd place and won a bit credit at the store, which I went and spent straight away. Ha. So I wanna show you what I got and do visit that store, it got some real amazing stuff for the sexy ladies!



Outfit: “Anarchy – GoldHearted” Incl Shoes &  handcuffs, also Tango Applier [WickedNight – Neerdy Needs]

Hair: “Mile High Pony – blacks” [Ploom]

Accessories: “Spiked Set – Choker” Incl blind & 3 sizes armwarmers [Sugar & Cyanide]

“Black Celtic Nails” HUD driven [Bamboo Nails]

Makeup: “Bewitched Eyeshadow – Darks [Beauty Killer]

“Trendsetter – Pitch Lips” Not sure if it’s still in stock [AlterEgo]

And the picture I came 3rd place with:


Outfit details: Gypsy Princess


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