Miss L Fashion “Neus Magic Designs – DaZed DeZineZ – Aurora’s Closet” Out in the street

The Friday awesome keep on coming strong and I’ve got something very awesome for you. I’ve got Neus Magic Designs – Aurora’s Closet – DaZed DeZineZ – Awesome new pose from [KiKay] Poses. So are you ready for this rawr stuff? Good.



Top: “Bitch Please” NEW RELEASE [Aurora’s Closet]

Pants: “Brat Jeans – White” Incl PhatAzz Applier & More colors –  NEW RELEASE[Neus Magic Designs]

Hair: “Amelie” Hairband HUD driven [Wasabi Pills]

Shoes: “Eleanor Stars – White” [DaZed DeZineZ]

Makeup: “9 Makeup Options – Tribal Small” [NOYA Designs]

“Lips 019” [cStar Limited]

And the sexy new pose is: “Street 4” [[KiKay] Poses]


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