Miss L Fashion “Siri’s Fashion Room” ***GiuliaDesign*** brings you the class.

Siri’s Fashion Room is still going strong and I hope you have gone there to have a look what they offer this round. Lot’s of goodies. And I decided to show you 2 outfits from ***GiuliaDesign*** that have 2 outfits for sale. 1 skirt outfit and 1 amazing dress. So are you ready to meet them?



Dress: “Star Black” Incl Headpiece. [***GiuliaDesign*** @ Siri’s Fashion Room]


Outfit: “Dadina Flower” Incl bangles, earrings & belly ring. [***GiuliaDesign*** @ Siri’s Fashion Room]

What am I wearing:

Hair: “Rewind 03” HUD driven [Magika]

“Bethany – Blacks” [TRUTH Hair]

Makeup: “Lips Matte 070” [cStar Limited]


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