Miss L Fashion “Kawaii Mini Hunt” A little cuteness for you

Alright.. So usually I don’t like the kawaii thing, but I respect those who do cause it fits them. But however I did the Kawaii Mini Hunt this weekend and I got some of the most cutest stuff ever. But I am going to show you favs.

This hunt goes Nov 1 – Nov 24, you are looking for a pink flower and the hunt if for free. Click here for hints and SLURLS.



Picture 1: “Long Sleve – Orange Shirt” [RibboN @ Kawaii Mini Hunt]

“Bag” [Ls Shop @ Kawaii Mini Hunt]

Picture 2: “Knitted Hood Dress” [Sen’s Mesh]

“Prim Nails – Kawaii” [LOVE SOUL @ Kawaii Mini Hunt]

Picture 3: “Grizel – Pink/white” Incl PhattAzz & Tango Applier [:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier @ Kawaii Mini Hunt]

“Long Glove with Nails” HUD driven [Silvery K @ Kawaii Mini Hunt]


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