Miss L Fashion “ToXiC HiGh is loving Hunts” I <3 Italy. Rock Attitude. Sinner’s Hunt

Are you ready? I’ve got 3 amazing outfits from ToXiC HiGh and hunts she’s in. I’ve got I Love Italy. Rock Attitude & Sinner’s Hunt. You ready to see these amazing outfits? And these hunts will be so much fun to do. So have a look what ToXiC have to offer and these clothes are amazing.

I Love Italy

Outfit: “I Love Italy” Incl Shoes.  Starts Nov 1 [I Love Italy]

Rock Attitude

Outfit: “Rock Attitude” Incl Shoes, razor blade, mask & Tango Applier. Starts Oct 30 [Rock Attitude – Special Halloween]

{The pose with bat you can find at ploom}


Outfit: “Sinner’s Hunt Dress” Incl shoes & black mask. Starts Nov 1 [Sinister Goth Sinners Hunt: Greed]


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