Miss L Fashion “The Daily Look” Take on your Saturday with Style

Yaayyy, it’s weekend and I know you all girls want to see something that you can wear when you go out at party today around the realm of Second Life. And I’ve got the PERFECT outfit for you. You’ll look chick, a little rocky but AMAZING..



What Am I Wearing?

Top: “AnmarTank/Vest Rebel” HUD driven, 10 colors for vest & 10 prints on shirt [Delirium Style]

Pants: “Angelina 08” [Delirium Style]

Hair: “American Woman – Wild Fusion” [Exile]

Shoes: “Tessa – Grey” [Latreia]

Accessories: “Spiked Set Black – Armwarmers Short”  Incl choker & blindfold too [Sugar & Cyanide]

“Celtic Nails” HUD driven [Bamboo Nails]

“Mercenary Women’s Neclace” [-HoD-]

Makeup: “Illution Smudge Makeup – Pink/Purple” [Delirium Style]

9 Makeup Options – LipGloss 1″ [NOYA Designs]


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