Miss L ~ Fashion “The Daily Look” Biker BrAAtz does BCA !!!!

Oh yes. Biker BrAAtz is having some awesome BCA items this year. So me and Cor went and bought us 1 item each. And I am loving my item, spats. They are gorgeous. We decided to do this look together today due to I will DJ today at a BCA event [10 AM SLT click here for LM] so we’re going a little pink & black 🙂 [All proceeds goes to RL cancer research]

**NOTE** The female shoes can be  bought at Marketplace for a promo price at 140L, Limited time only.



His Daily Look:

Shirt: “Biker BAsTArds Untucked” [Biker BrAAtz BCA Items]

Pants & Shoes: “D-Style – Massimo” [Delirium Style]

Hair: “Days Go By –  Blacks – Raven” [Exile -Mens dept.]

Tattoo: “Spikes Arms Tattoo” [Unknown location]

Skin: “Donato Skin Beard(1)” [Zyra]


Her’s Daily Look:

Shirt: “BCA crew – staff shirt” 

Shorts: From outfit “Terror” [Delirium Style]

Shoes & Spats: “Kiss Kiss Pumps [Envious] [Kiss Kiss Pumps PROMO Marketplace]

“BCA Spats” [Biker BrAAtz BCA items]

Hair: “Independent Women – Wild Fusion 2” [Exile]

Accessories: “Raus rings” & “Ohm, The Sound of Light Nails” [SCRUB @ The Body Mod Expo 2013]

“Tsukimi Piercings” [Cute Poison]

Makeup: “Lips 069” [cStar Limited]

“NIGHT MAKEUPS – Purple eyeshadow” [R.icielli]



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