Miss L ~ Fashion “Halloween for the fashion” You need some tips? 7 Deadly Skins, ToXiC HigH & Que Bella got the answer.

Yooo!!! You need some Halloween tips but don’t know what to wear and feel like “Screw it”? Then I’ve got something for you right here. A little somethin somethin from 7 Deadly SkinsQue Bella & ToXiC HiGh. And this combo is dangerously awesome. Are you ready my sexy ladies?


Outfit: “BooHunny” Going right now [ToXiC HiGh @ Boo Bunny hunt]

Skin: “Boo!bee Hunt” Going right now [7 Deadly Skins @ Boo Bunny Hunt]


Outfit: “Nightmare” Starts October 22 [ A nightmare Hunt]

Skin & Hat: “MadPea Hunt” Going right now [MadPea Hunt – Dark Dimensions]


Outfit: “Festive Gitana” Going right now [Que Bella @ Cirque Du Freak Hunt]

What I’m wearing:

Hair: “Rewind 03” [Magika]

Accessories: “Baubles! – Beaded Leaf Necklace” [Baubles by Phee @ Mass Hysteria]

“Raus Rings” & “Ohm, The Sound of light” [SCRUB @ The body Mod Expo 2013]

Other links for Halloween:

7 Deadly Skins & blah.BLAH.blah

7 Deadly Skins & ToXiC HiGh

Grumble, Besiged, ToXiC HiGh & DaZed DeZineZ @ Cirque Du Freak

Sugar & Cyanide, Loordes of London, Souled Out, DBF & Stasis @ Cirque Du Freak




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