Miss L ~ Fashion – “The Daily Look” Pretty in Pink

One more day and then it’s weekend ya’ll. I’m happy n stuff. Weekend means something special for my readers 😉

I shall cut to the chase and like talk about “The Daily look”. I woke up this morning with a AWESOME surprise from Intrepid. A NEW jacket, as a group gift. Usually I HATE pink but this jacket is like rawr n stuff, so I just had to include it in my “The Daily Look”, went to a pretty park in-world to snap some pictures.



The Daily Look:

Jacket: “Belted Jacket Quartz – Group Gift” @ Intrepid

Pants: “White Stitched Jeans” @ Gawk

Shoes: “Stomped Boots White” @ #2::Duce::2#

Hair: “American Woman – Natural Fusion” @ Exile

Accessories: “Spiked Knuckles – Black/Gold” @ Sugar & Cyanide

“Black Celtic Nails” @ [Bamboo Nails]

“Black Pearl Necklace –  Old MP Gift” @ ** Just You Jewels **

Makeup: “Illution Smudge Eyeshadow – Pink/Blue” @ Delirium Style

“Shimmer Lip Shine – Pink” @ Pink Acid

Skin: “Autumn – Group Gift” @ [HUSH]

So that is today’s “The Daily Look”. Hope ya liked it 🙂


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