Miss L ~ Fashion – “The Daily Look” Hey teacher, I’m very hot for you ;)

It’s Monday, meaning a new week of “The Daily Look” and this weeks theme will be “Dress & Skirt” so there will be a little mixed and matched. So today I am showing a little something from ToXiC HiGh and Something New and the hunt they’re in called “Hot for Teacher” and you’ll be looking for a ruler [5L/item]. Ready sexies?


Daily Look Monday

The Daily Look: 

Outfit: “Hot For Teacher for Girls” @ ToXiC HiGh Hint: I’m bright pink and I hold your gift. 

Shoes: “Gother Than You Bitch Stompers” @ Etchaflesh

Hair: “Jennifer – Psycho” @ Action Hair

Accessories: “Bloody Hell Nails” @ [Mad Echo]

“Glamour Lady Belly Ring” @ Heart & Soul Jewelry [At ModaMia mainstore]

“UnShedTears” @ Baubles!

Makeup: “Vamp lashes” @ NOYA Designs

Tattoo: “Stars” @ Envious

Skin: “Raven” @ Deluxe Body Factory

Prop: “Hot For Teacher hunt” @ Something New Hint: Go upstairs, find the school prop.

And that is todays look. Stay tuned for more “The Daily Look” tomorrow and updates today 🙂


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