Miss L ~ Fashion – “The Daily Look” Baggy as in “What a feeling in London”

Hooo! It’s Saturday. Finally weekend, am I right? And for today’s “The Daily Look” I have something special for you. A store I have NEVER festured before on this blog. It’s a store I always have admired but never got the clothes -facepalms- but yesterday I did and I’m going to share it with you. It’s perfectly baggy and it fits ANY woman in SL.


Daily Look Saturday

The Daily Look: 

Outfit: “What A Feeling” K Collection @ LIV-Glam

Shoes: “Studded Boots – GlamBack” @ Gizza Mainstore

Hair:  *NEW* “Reflect 03” @ Magika

Accessories: “Simply Sweet – Wrought Iron” @ :::Krystal::: Jewelry

“Double Flick B&W nails” @ ONYX Wear

“Knuckles Ladies Purse” from PURE Perfection @ LoveHunt [store hunt 15 items 5L each]

Makeup: “Make up Part 2 – Ocean Metallic Eeyeshadow” @ NOYA Designs

“Night Makeups – Lipstick 03” @ R.icielli

“Vamp lashes” @ NOYA designs

Skin: “Raven” from Deluxe Body Factory @ KaTnipZ Wonderland [check Nifty 50, comes with appliers]

And that is todays “The Daily Look”. Hope ya liked it, because I adore this outfit.


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