Miss L ~ Fashion – CLOTHES 30-70% OFF FOR 1 WEEK ONLY

Oh yes, for 1 week only there will be mens and female clothing 30-70% off at a certain location for 1week only.  I have blogged these clothing before and here are a few of them again [I don’t have the male but they are awesome] Honey Icechant Temp store

There will be lucky seat and Midnight Mania as well 😀

Skirt Snapshot_005-1 Tunique dress

Minion Dress

And these outfits are ONLY on sale in-world, NOT on the Marketplace. So you HAVE to get them in-world 😛

Like I said, they male and female clothing so bring EVERYBODY you know to get these amazing fashionable clothing. I know you can’t resist.

They will be on sale between September 4th-11th so HURRY. Honey Icechant Temp store 30-70% off


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