Miss L ~ Fashion Event – It’s all about the Rock N Roll, baby!

The “Rock Attitude” hunt have started and they have some amazing stuff. Today I be showing 2 outfits, 1 pair of shoes AND 1 POSE \o/ Ready? 🙂

To get these things, you need to go here: ROCK ATTITUDE HUNT but bare in mind, in the designer list, not all is there to try and find all boxes so you know where to go next 🙂




Spotlight Items:

Outfit 1: From “ForbiddenBerry”. Comes with mesh shirt, pants and shoes.

Outfit 2:  From “HolliPocket” is the pants, comes in 2 colors, white and blue. 

From “Damned Dolls” is the Guns N Roses tup top, also mesh.

Shoes: From “Shabby Cat” is Crystal Skull Flats.

Pose:  From “Morgane Batista Pose” comes with prop mic and stand prop.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: “Independent Women – Wild Fusion 2” @ Exile

Jewels: “Knuckleduster nails” @ SCRUB

“Diamond Rock Chain” @ *ICED*

“Otherside Piercing Set” @ -HoD-

Skin: “April group Gift” @ [HUSH]


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