Miss L ~ Photo’s – My favorite places to take pictures.

There are many times where I have taken pictures at sims so I’m going to share WHERE I take them.

So I have 3 favorite places to be

  • New York City
  • Hazardous
  • Garden of Absentia



Let’s begin with New York City. As you can see on the picture, the park, familiar? 😉 I been taken pictures here for a while. Whenever you see a city in the background, here is where I go. Keep in mind, this sim is huge so this is just a tiny draft of the sim 🙂 And here is a direct TP: New York City




Hazardous.. Been here a few times to take pictures. I need to get here more often to take some pictures. I love this place, it’s amazing. And this place have BEST effect if you have Region default put in 🙂 Direct TP: Hazardous




Garden of Absentia is a place I find fascinating. I just love this place. It also has a place where you can put your candle for someone you lost in cancer. Alot of people put a light up, and it’s free. Other than that, this sim is amazing and just, wow. I love this place. When I want that special touch to my pictures, I go to this place. Direct TP: Garden of Absentia


So keep in mind, at Hazardous have your Region default set for best effect. And remember, have fun 🙂


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