Miss L ~ Fashion – Kitty is sweet as Honey

I have blogged about this girl before, about Opi and her AMAZING clothes. Now she has done it again and made “Hellno Kitty” outfit, which comes in denim and white.


Hellno Kitty denim_001 Hellno Kitty white_002


Aren’t they just awesome? The most cutest I’ve seen so far from her. You can get them both here: Opi – Marketplace Mainstore for 149L

So make sure you get your copy now while it’s sizzling hot 😉

What I’m wearing:

Outfit: “HELLNO Kitty” from Opi – Marketplace Mainstore

Hair: “Stephie – candy” from Ploom Mainstore

Choker: “Grey Mesh Choker” from Corvus

Makeup: Lips ~ “cStar – 072” from cStar Limited and Eyes~ from Happily Every Hunt, Distorted Dreams

Shoes: “Izara Skull” from Latreia


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