Miss L ~ Fashion – DaZed DeZineZ it’s all chained up!?

Are you into chains? Maybe BDSM? Then the latest from DaZed DeZineZ is something for you. It’s all chains -winks-

[Have in mind, that I couldn’t put on the bottom due to no nudity 🙂 ]


A top and bottom, IN CHAINS. It’s really GORGEOUS and you get these at DaZed DeZineZ Mainstore

This gorgeous pair (sold separately) fits anyone who is into chains, BDSM or maybe just a fashion freak. Myself looooooves these amazing pair and fits like a glove! So if you want to get chained up (pardon the pon) you know you have to get to DaZed DeZineZ Mainstore to get it 😉

What am I wearing?

Top“Chained” from DaZed DeZineZ Mainstore

Bottom“Black and White Stitched Jeans” from Gawk Mainstore

Hair“Myrina” from Adoness @ Hair Fair 2013


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