Miss L – Second Life Fashion ~ What is your AlterEgo?

AlterEgo. I store I been loving since I discovered it while I was doing a hunt long time ago. And ever since she owner have never stopped do amaze me with some of the amazing stuff she’s been making.

Like these 3 shirts for those who are in the group. You can also pick these up with a 500L group fee! But trust me ladies, it’s totally worth it. And this is what you get for 500L group fee;

  • Group gifts
  • Active Group Chat
  • Dollarbies – Outfit/shirt/pants/shoes for 1L then it cost between 200-600L
  • Freebies
  • Limited Editions
  • New Arrival Notice & More




The 3 new lovely shirts that came out for groups. Even tho I ain’t much for sayin I’m high n stuff but somehow I really like these tops. The colors are PERFECT.

She also have 30 NEW tops with funny text on, check AlterEgo Mainstore for it – 99L per top!

So get down to AlterEgo Mainstore to grab these 3 lovely tops and check out the store, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


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