Second Life Skins: 7 Deadly Skins – Hawtness

We all know that 7 Deadly Skins is making some AMAZING stuff. Truly. Izara Zuta never stop to wow me with her pure genius made skins. So I am going to get started straight away.  7 Deadly Skins Mainstore

Designer Circle Special V1_001 Designer Circle Special V2_001 Exclusive B2_001 Junior Sinner V1_001 Junior Sinner V2_001

Which one of these amazing is your favorite? Mine is the 3rd. Purely amazingness and then some, just saying. And here is some numbers;

  • Box 1; 450L Basic Skin
  • Box 2; 550L extra shades & cleavage + Box1
  • Box3; 650L clean + Box 3Freckles + Box 4 no cleavage
  • Box 4; 750L clean + Box4 clean no cleavage + sunkissed/freckles + Box 4 no cleavage but with freckles/sunkissed
  • Box 5; 950L comes with Box 4 ALL options with no cleavage, cleavage, sunkissed, freckles etc.

Fatpacks are sold 25000L and have all the items above. She also does custom package for 2750L (notecard the owner)

What she is wearing:


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