Coming back

I been away for a little bit due to that stupid thing we call hay-fever. Hit me really hard and got  a weird side effect this year, my muscles in my left arm where hurting like crazy and I am left handed, so imagine how I felt for 2 days. But I am doing much better now with my muscles and I am back to show ya’ll pictures of my favorite places in Second Life and some of my own pictures that I made.

Yes I make pictures, I started doing that around March and I am picking it up quick. Really loving every bit of making pictures. Doing lots of experimenting right now in Photoshop and I am going to share those pictures when I feel I got this.

So in this new week I am going to do some post, have some pictures of my favorite Second Life furniture store. A Alice in Wonderland sim and it’s gorgeous. So have an eye out this week. But before I go, I am going to show you a pictures I done recently.



Due to the new Superman movie I felt I wanted to do something. Gotta say I am proud of this picture. Can’t wait to see it in July 🙂


  • Hair: CatWa Isabella black/white
  • Dress: Delirium MizLiz Mini Black Super
  • Makeup: NOYA Make ups Part 2
  • Skin: [HUSH] Lily – Ravish

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