SL Disney Land?

SL Disney Land? Yep, you heard me. This place is amazing and it’s basically 2 different sims but they co-operate together. And these places are absolutely amazing, it takes your inner child out. So I am going to show you pictures from both places. This place is amazing for a FUN friends night out or why not a date with the special someone?

First up is Sarah’s Magic Kingdom

This place is small but lot’s of fun. They have a museum and a few rides. When you land if you check in local chat it tells you to have it set on Midnight, trust me it helps to have it. So the rides have full effect and before you step on to any attraction, there is a free HUD you can pick up and it helps too, kind of gives that little extra touch to it. Just wear/add it and you will hear a story teller, so have your audio on. And the museum is just where you land as well.

Snapshot_019Snapshot_021 Snapshot_022 Snapshot_023 Snapshot_024Snapshot_026 Snapshot_028 Snapshot_029 Snapshot_031 Snapshot_032 Snapshot_034 Snapshot_025

Remember these? Haunted House movie with Eddie Murphy? This ride is a little scary and have FULL EFFECT if you have mouslook, well all rides do 🙂

And at this sim you can also have your picture taken with some of Disney favorites. And this was my favorite part of Magical Moments. And I am sure it will be yours as well.

Snapshot_038 Snapshot_039 Snapshot_040 Snapshot_041 Snapshot_042 Snapshot_043 Snapshot_045 Snapshot_046


Have fun at this sim 🙂


Up next is Magical Moments.

This place is a little bigger than Sarah’s and it have LOT’S more rides and all in mouseview as well. And this place, believe it or not, have a cinema. Showing a Disney classic a month, so worth the visit. Have Winnie the Poh land, mono rail ride, shopping and much more. I love this place. So much fun and your inner child comes out here to.

Snapshot_048 Snapshot_049 Snapshot_051 Snapshot_052 Snapshot_053 Snapshot_054 Snapshot_055 Snapshot_056 Snapshot_057 Snapshot_059 Snapshot_081



And there you have it. Hope you will visit these places and have LOT’S of fun here. I know I did when I went here for the first time with my SL husband (RL fiance) so I just had to show you guys this place and recommend it to you. You won’t be disappointed visit these 2 places. If you don’t want to click the links, Send me a nc in-world and I will send the LM’s to you 🙂

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