Quirky and fun sims

I hope you all had a good weekend and ready for next week. Thankfully tomorrow is bank holiday here in UK and hoping for awesome weather. We been having wonderful and warm all weekend and been outside enjoying it best that I can.

Up next I thought I would show you 2 sims. One is * R u s t * and everything is made out of rust on that sim, it’s pretty cool looking and I enjoyed visiting it and I hope you will too. The layout and imagination they used for this is just amazing. I’m going to show you a few pictures and hopefully you will visit it and get your own opinion about it.

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_009


And also, you all SL photographers, if you are looking for a little extra special but fun to have your photoshots at, this one is perfect for it.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA13/212/49/22


The next place I want to show you is Almost Wonderland. And this place is neighbour to the fabolous furniture store with a little extra, Elegant Goth. So while you are here, remember to visit that place as well. (I will do a post about them one day, will also do a post about another Wonderland sim that I think you’ll love) Well this Wonderland sim is purely amazing and I want to show you it. And I am sure you guys will love it too if you took a visit.

Snapshot_010 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_013 Snapshot_014


It was a small sim but totally worth the visit. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mandi%20Isle/169/121/826


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