It’s not the woods you need to look out for – it’s Enchantress

When you go walking in the woods it’s not the animals you have to be careful about, it’s the Enchantress. She will lure you in with her beauty and then she’ll steal your soul to make her stronger!


Few days ago I saw an ad about a dress and I just fell in love and had to have it – just like the girl I am. This dress is from Kendrasy Creations and it comes in mesh body sizes with 30 color HUD to choose your fav colors. I’m like – HELL YEAH!


So I made her seductive and dangerous. Just like this gorgeous dress.


And you know ZOZ is on a roll at the moment with these gorgeous AF nails. These can be found at Cosmopolitan and in soft & bold colors for Maitreya, Slink & OMEGA! Here I am wearing the soft.

And to complete the look – let me introduce eyes from Wow Skins Mainstore – she’s called Natasha and comes in different colors in a HUD. For regular mesh eyes (in pack) and for Catwa.


Skin – Wow Skins – Nadine – tyvsm❤

Eyes – Wow Skins – Natasha mesh eyes (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Ears – Mandala – Fantasy Elf

Nails – ZOZ @ Cosmopolitan – Lynn Soft Polish (NEW; Oct 23rd – Nov 5th) – tyvsm❤

Tattoo – PinUp – Melissandre

Hair –  no.match – NO_TREASURE

Mesh head – LAQ – Trinity

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Dress – Kendrasy Creations – Fiorella Dress (NEW)


Headpiece – Acios – Elenor headpiece

Necklace – HollyWeird – Lutana Celestial

Rings – Secret Love – Delicate rosegold

Arm braces – Tabou – Apocalypse brown (GACHA)


Rack poses – The White Witch

Dama At Home

Happy Sunday ladies! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty slow. But today I have however some pretty awesome stuff. Specially from one place who recently came back after moving mainstore – DUCKNIPPLE!


So Ducknipple is back again and here I am wearing two items from them from two different events!

My tanktop you can find at Boho event at Ducknipple booth, the top comes in different colors and sizes! It’s very cute!



I am loving these boots from Ducknipple at Bloody Horror! It comes in mesh body sizes and with a HUD to change the colors of the little bats and the shoes! The bats are adorable.


Wow Skins also got themselves a booth at Boho Event currently running. This Catwa applier skin is adorable. Wearing her with my Alice catwa head in tan with my L’etre eyebrows.

My nails is an awesome new release from ZOZ @ Haus of Swag. I showed them in a previous post without tips and here they  are with tips.


Skin – Wow Skins @ Boho Fair – Dama Catwa Applier (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Nails – ZOZ @ Haus of Swag – Crowned Tips (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Hair – no.match – NO_TREASURE

Eyebrows – L’etre – Arched Eyebrows

Mesh Head – Catwa – Alice

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Top – Ducknipple @ Boho Fair – Tanktop vs3 (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Skirt – Blueberry – Roma

Shoes – Ducknipple @ Bloody Horror – Boots vs1 (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Out Camping

I used to go camping a lot as a child with  a trailer you just hook up to back of the car and off you go. Loved every minute of that childhood. So when I was out an about in SL today I saw this perfect spot and decided to use that spot for todays look.


My todays look comes right from Bijou Mainstore – you get the top, bra, jeans & shoes. Along with a texture HUD for the top. Totally loving the top with the bra and the textures for the top is amazing!


Matched the look with my bag from Black Haus – small heart bag coming in different colors and a resize script so you can make it fit perfectly.


My nails is coming from ZOZ at Haus of Swag – opening TODAY. You get these beauts in different shades & you get to choose from tips & no tips. Lovely colors in the HUD for Maitreya, slink & OMEGA! Love love love❤

Wow Skins @ Designer circle is last day – closing Oct 22nd and you can get Jayma there. I am wearing her in tan on my LAQ – Trinity mesh head. Totally loving this mesh head at the moment!


Skin – Wow Skins @ DS – Jayma (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Nails – ZOZ @ Haus of Swag – Crowned Polish (NEW; opening today) tyvsm❤

Hair – little bones – Tonic 

Piercing – U.S – Nose piercing (MP GIFT)

Mesh head – LAQ – Trinity

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Outfit – Bijou – Posh (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Inclides; top, bra, jeans & shoes


Bag – Black Haus – Heart Bagpack – tyvsm❤

Earrings – Zombie Suicide – Splinter

Perfectly Imperfect

It doesn’t matter if you look perfect. You can be you and feel at your best. Society have gone downhill about it’s obsession to look perfect – even in SL the pressure is high and I had enough. I am perfectly imperfect and happy with it🙂


Fall is officially here and now is the time for over sized everything. And this over size jumper dress is just perfect – loving this so much and keep coming back to it. This dress is from Hilly Haalan. She got different prints for the dress and I am wearing cool prints.


Etchaflesh have released a new item – these shoes with socks. No need to wear your feet with these cause they will stick out. The HUD for the socks are so cool – you can mix and match with different prints or go same colors. I am wearing two socks with 2 different prints and I am showing in the picks in the little bubbles🙂


Matching this amazing cute look I am wearing a skin from PELLE called Veronica in cream. she comes with OMEGA, Maitreya, Slink hands & feet + classic avi options. With the skin I am wearing my LAQ – Trinity mesh head that I am totally in love with.


Skin – Pelle – Veronica – tyvsm❤

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Marissa

Mesh head – LAQ – Trinity 

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Dress – Hilly Haalan – Haidee Sweater Cool Prints

Shoes w/ socks – Etchaflesh – Elana Socks & Pumps Disturbed (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Leggings – Star Outlet  – Maitreya Pantyhose Sara


Earrings – Zombie Suicide – Splinter Earrings

Nikki Got Your Heart

Well hello there Monday, didn’t you arrive a little too quick eh? But fear not, got some awesome items for you this Monday to make it a little more brighter!


So much new but let’s start talk about my umbrella. New cuteness from NS Mainstore – this is a GACHA and there is so much cute animal umbrellas to win!


and here I am with the new jacket from Whisper – now known as Silent Whispers and this is the new release with that new name. Nikki Jacket. This beaut comes in black & white with a HUD to change the mid texture!


Skin – Wow Skins – Amber – tyvsm❤

Nails – ZOZ @ Cosmo – SoftBeauty (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Hair-  TRUTH – Louisa

Mesh head – LAQ – Trinity

Mesh body – Slink – Hourglass & Gesture


Jacket – Silent Whispers – Nikki Jacket (NEW) -tyvsm❤

Jeans – Paper Arrow – Cuffed Trousers Black

Shoes – N-Core – Aubry Brown


Umbrella – NS – Just Playin’ In The Rain (NEW; GACHA) – tyvsm❤

Choker – REIGN – Tattoo Chokers Witchers Edition

She Comes Out At Night

WEEKEND!! Saturday is here ladies!Hope you’ll have a fun weekend. I have so much special items for you today and I do hope you’ll enjoy the look.


My special items I am wearing here is Bijou & Black Haus.

My top and hotpants is coming from Black Haus and can be found at this round of Applique– it comes in different colors and appliers only. Loving this and feel so incredibly sexy.

To complete this and make it even more  sexy are my boots – coming from Bijou mainstore. These can be found in mesh body sizes only and comes with HUD.


Here I have ssoooo much amazing new items so I’m going to get right to it – my skin is a Catwa applier from Glam Affair at Salem. It’s in a gacha and I am wearing no 11.

My eyes is from Wow Skins mainstore – they are mesh eyes and comes with Catwa hud for the catwa eyes you get when buying a mesh head and regular hud for the mesh eyes in the pack.

My nails are from ZOZ @ Cosmopolitan. Royal Beauty. loving these beautiful nails. Every girl needs some gorgeous nails.


Skin – Glam Affair @ Salem – Aurelia Polar 11 (GACHA)

Eyes – Wow Skins – Natasha (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Nails – ZOZ @ Cosmopolitan (NEW) -tyvsm❤

Hair – little bones – Amelie

Mesh Head – Catwa – Tumble

Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara w/hands & feet


Jacket – Addams – Letter Old Jacket

Top & Pants – Black Haus @ Applique – Pam Set (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Shoes – Bijou – Delight Boots (NEW) – tyvsm❤


Eyepatch – MoonRabbit @ Chapter 4 – Dark Rabbit Eyepatch (NEW)

Choker – REIGN – Tattoo Choker Witches Edition (NEW)

Rings – i.mesh – CROSS2

Green eyed girl

Where has this week gone? It’s already Thursday and I’m just sitting here wondering what the hell happened? Am I the only one feeling like this?

Today I got some AMAZING fresh releases for my ladies so you better buckle your seat. Becuase so much new you won’t even know what hit you!


Shall be we begin with what I am wearing? I heard N-Uno got a 40% off sale so I took my ass over and found this outfit. It’s totally me and how I dress outside of blogging! I’m a full on tomboy in both lives and not afraid to own it.

I bought the pants, long shirt & vest and it looks so magical. So get your butt over to N-Uno for the sale because daaaammn so much goodness!

And what look isn’t full unless you got the perfect shoes and here I have the latest from NS. And they recently updated these shoes too  so now you can find these shoes with Maitreya option – just not Slink and Belleza.


The shoes up close!


Then we got the hair. OMG! When I first saw the ad for it I knew, I just knew I needed it. I bought it from Beusy at Hairology. It opened about 3 days ago and will run til the last. So HURRY! Looooove the braids.


Wow Skins is doing something exciting – EYES! And here we have the first one out – Samantha Catwa applier mesh eyes. Love the green in this. They look so magical and mesmerizing. You’ll get lost in them. These eyes can be found at Applique opening Oct 14th!

And oh lord. My nails. I mean – come on. Look at them. The dark color is perfect for the fall. These are at Cosmopolitan sales room and get your cheeky ass over to ZOZ booth. Cosmo runs til 22nd.


Skin – Wow Skins – Samantha Catwa Applier (NEW) tyvsm❤

Eyes – Wow Skins @ Applique – Samantha mesh eyes (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Nails – ZOZ @ Cosmo – Royal Beauty (NEW) – tyvsm❤

Hair – Beusy @ Hairology – Harsh Hair w/ cap (NEW)

Eyebrows – L’Etre – Arched eyebrows

Mesh head – Catwa – Alice

Mesh body – Maitreya  – Lara w/hands & feet


Vest – NUno – Ava Vest (NEW)

Top – NUno -Ava Top (NEW)

Leggings – Nuno – Ava Leggings (NEW)

Shoes – NS – Sweet Treats (NEW) – tyvsm❤


Glasses – Rebellion – Savant Specs

Choker – Yummy – Tresser Choker

Rings – i.mesh – CROSS2